User entered inputs and default inputs inferred by the Tool are displayed on a summary page. Before submitting a  building for an Asset Score Preview, the building component inputs may be confirmed by either editing or marking  as 'verified' using the available icons. By default, all of the inputs are marked as 'unsure'.


Edit default values – Select the Edit icon next to the component(s) you wish to change and make  selections from the available pull down menus. Edited components may be changed back to the default entry by  selecting the blue 'revert' button to the left of the edited component.


Verify default values – If you wish to accept the default value(s), select the Verify icon next to  each component, or select the 'Mark all as Verified' link to accept all of the inputs at once.


Mark values as unsure – If you are unable to confirm or accept the value(s) inferred by the Tool,  leave the input(s) marked as 'unsure'. If you wish to change an edited or verified selection to 'unsure', use the  Unsure icon next to each component, or select the 'Mark all as Unsure' link to mark all of the inputs at once.  


Editing and/or Verifying the default inputs will increase the certainty of the estimated score that the building  could receive if it was entered using the Full Input Mode of the Tool, and may decrease the range of the score  display. The greater the number of components selected as 'Unsure' may result in a greater uncertainty of the  estimated score, and may increase the range of the score display.


Lighting Inputs


Default lighting fixtures and percentage served values are assigned, according to the building use type selected  and year of construction, in order to calculate the lighting power density (watts per square foot). Users may edit  these default values, add additional fixtures (up to a maximum of 3 fixtures), or delete fixtures. The sum of the  percentages served by the selected fixtures do not need to total 100%, but they may not exceed 100%.


Heating/Cooling Inputs


One of eleven pre-defined HVAC System types are assigned, according to the  building use type selected. The equipment type, distribution type, and cooling and heating sources of the assigned  system are displayed in a summary display. To change the system type, select the edit icon, and choose form the  available Type pull down menu.


Heating Fuel Type – Default values of either Gas or Electricity are displayed and may be edited for  all system types except 'Ventilation Only'. Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps or Rooftop Heat Pumps may only have  Electricity as a fuel type.