Select the Preview Score button at the top of the Building Information page to generate an energy asset score  preview report for your building. Once a simulation is complete, the iconic image of your building that is  available on My Buildings will have a numerical range displayed on the lower right corner indicating that the  building has been scored and is available for review. Click the building to view a summary page that includes an  asset score scale graphic with a range of values of what the current and potential scores of your building could  be if scored in the Full input mode of the Tool. Select the Download Report button to open an energy asset score  report preview in PDF file format to view and/or download.


Estimated Asset Score Range


The energy asset score that is generated in Asset Score Preview mode is displayed as a range of values on the  asset score 10-point scale. Two sets of score ranges are presented on the same asset score scale, based on  standard operating assumptions for the building use type. The score ranges are calculated through an uncertainty  analysis process which accounts for variability in scores due to inputs not verified by the user (hence a building  with inputs marked 'unsure' would have a wider score range than a building with inputs marked as 'verified') as  well as variation in score due to the impact of detailed inputs such as building geometry, HVAC system controls  etc.


Current Estimated Score – Displayed as shaded boxes along the score scale, which represent the  range of scores your building could receive if scored in Full Input Mode.


Potential Improvement – Displayed as a sliding green bar above the score scale, which represents  an estimated score range that may be achieved after recommended efficiency upgrades identified by the Asset  Scoring Tool in Full Input Mode are made.


Energy savings – The Asset Score Preview report indicates a percentage of energy savings that  similar buildings may encounter if with cost-effective upgrades are implemented.


Switch to Full Input Mode to add additional building data and generate a full Asset Score report with cost  effective upgrades, by selecting the 'Switch to Full Version' button at the top of the screen. Once the  switch has been made, blocks will need to be created to capture the building geometry, and use type and components  will need to be assigned to these blocks. Data for window layout and lighting percentage served will need to be  re-entered for each block. Switching back to the Preview Input Mode is not supported.