Here are the necessary steps to create an estimated score range for your building. Refer to the data entered on your Data Collection Form – Preview Input Mode to make entries into the Asset Scoring Tool.


Step 1:  Input Basic Building Information. Click the "Add a Building" button to begin; select Asset Score Preview input mode; enter building name, location, year of construction and gross floor area; then click the "Create Building" button.


Step 2:  Identify Building Use Type. Select an applicable use type (e.g., retail, office, education, multi-family, library).


Step 3:  Enter Basic Building Details. Enter the number of floors, orientation, and year of major retrofits of building systems if applicable.


Step 4: Edit and/or verify the default component values generated by the Tool. Use the available icons or the 'Mark all' edit links.


Step 5:  Submit your building for an asset score preview. Select the Preview Score button to generate an energy asset score report preview for your building, which will be available as a PDF file to view/download.