After creating a new building and selecting the Preview Input Mode, users will be prompted to:


  1. Enter the building's use type
  2. Enter the following basic building details:  


    Gross Floor Area – Total floor area of all floors of a building calculated with the external dimensions of the building including structures, partitions, corridors, stairs; includes all conditioned space, and excludes unconditioned storage and parking areas.
    Number of floors – Enter the total number of floors in the building.
    Orientation of longest facade – Pull-down menu options include North/South and East/West. Select an approximate building orientation. For example, if the longest walls generally face North and South, select North/South.
    Major retrofits since construction – Check box: If selected, year of manufacture data fields will be visible for Heating System, Cooling System, Service Hot Water System, and Lighting. If any equipment was installed or replaced after the building was constructed, indicate the year of manufacture. Otherwise, the Asset Scoring Tool will calculate this value based on the year the building was constructed and the equipment life assumptions present in the inference engine.


Based on the inputs above and the building location entered in the New Building page, the tool will create a single block rectangular building with a set of default component values. These values may be reviewed, edited and/or verified on the Building Information page.