The List view of the My Buildings display includes a full listing of buildings created by you, and buildings created by others and shared with you, in a table format. From this view, you may delete buildings or download score report outputs in bulk by checking the boxes on the last column and making a selection from the blue ‘With Selection’ pull down button located at the bottom right corner of the table. The list of buildings displayed may be filtered by selecting from the four white pull down buttons.

By default, buildings are sorted by the building ID, but may be sorted by any of the columns by clicking on the column headers. Click on a building Name to open the selected building for viewing/editing in the Building Project Workspace.

Select the View link from the History column to view a table listing the history of submitted audit reports for Audit Template buildings.  This feature is not yet available for Asset Score buildings.

Shared Buildings – Buildings that have been shared by your contacts are also visible on the List view table. Selecting the Owner of a shared building will display a page listing the buildings shared with you by that contact. Mouseovers on the building name links on this contact page will indicate the permissions granted – Full Access or Report Only access. When you return to the Buildings page, select the building name link to view/edit, or duplicate the building into your own account by selecting the copy icon in the Actions column. Buildings with Report Only access may not be duplicated, and links are disabled if the building is not in Scored status.

Import Buildings – Preview Input Mode buildings may be added in bulk by selecting the green ‘Import Buildings’ icon to launch the Import Buildings page. Buildings may be imported into Asset Score with values entered in a spreadsheet template. This spreadsheet upload feature provides a capability to upload a large number of buildings through a single step process. Default building assembly components, lighting and HVAC systems will be automatically be entered. New buildings will be available to view, edit and score in the My Buildings page.  Buildings may also be imported from Energy Star Portfolio Manager on this screen.