A Unique Building ID (UBID) is a string that encodes the location and extent of a spatially-extended object, such as a building or land parcel, on the surface of the Earth.  Learn more

UBID Input Field

A UBID may be entered for a building to be included in an Audit Template report.  To set the UBID for a building, navigate to the "Building Information" screen, find the "Unique Building ID (UBID)" field in the "Location" section of the form, and then click the "Edit UBID" link (on the right-hand side of the form input field).  Note:  the "Unique Building ID (UBID)" field is disabled. The UBID for a building may only be modified by using the editing tool.

UBID Editor

The workflow for using the UBID editor is as follows:

  1. Locate the building on the map using the "Search by Location" tool.
  2. Draw the building footprint geometry.
  3. Assign the UBID.