The floor is that lower portion of the building envelope, including opaque area and fenestration, that has conditioned or semi-heated space above and is horizontal or tilted at an angle of less than 60 degrees from horizontal.

Energy Asset Score Inputs for Floors:

Name – Default component text and counters are automatically added. This entry may be edited to include other descriptive or identifying text.

Floor Type – Pull-down menu selections:

Concrete (over Unconditioned Space) – A poured-in-place concrete floor over unconditioned space (e.g., concrete floor over an unconditioned parking garage).

Slab-on-Grade – A concrete slab, which is formed from a mold set into the ground, serves as the foundation for the structure.

Steel Joist – A floor that is not a concrete floor and that has steel joist members supported by structural members.

Wood Frame – A floor that has wood joists in which insulation is placed between structural members (e.g., batt insulation between wood floor joists).

Thermal Properties – Pull-down menu selections:

I don't know – The insulation level will be inferred based on the building type, age, location, floor type, and intended occupancy type.

F Factor – The perimeter heat loss factor for slab-on-grade floors, expressed in units of Btu/°Fhft. This selection is only available if Slab-on-Grade is selected for the Floor Type, and Slab Insulation is identified.

Insulation R-value – Measure of thermal resistance. R-values are given in units of ft²•°F•h/Btu. Select from list of pre-defined inputs displayed in the R Value pull-down menu.

Insulation thickness – Thickness of insulating material used in units of inches.

Assembly U-value – U-values are given in units of Btu/ft²•°F•h.

Vertical Insulation – If the Slab-on-Grade Floor Type is selected, a pull-down menu with the option to select Vertical Insulation will be available. Enter the thermal properties (see above). 

Slab Insulation – Displayed if the Slab-on-Grade Floor Type is selected. Pull-down menu selections include Vertical Insulation, Horizontal Insulation, and Fully Insulated Slab (insulated fully to the depth of the foundation wall).

Select and enter F Factor or Insulation R Value thermal properties (see above), and select an Insulation Depth from a list of pre-defined pull-down menu inputs displayed if Insulation R Value is selected.

Intended Occupancy Type – Available if 'I don't know' is selected for Thermal Properties. Pull-down menu selections include: Non-Residential, Residential, and Semiheated.