Optional fields for Chiller and Boiler Plant LoopsVRF Condenser Units, Central and Terminal DX units; Heat Pumps, and Furnaces for Air Handlers and Zone Equipment, and Window air Conditioners and Baseboards for Zone Equipment.

Year of Manufacture – Year of production/assembly from manufacturing specifications. If  any  cooling/heating equipment was installed or replaced after the building was constructed, indicate the year of  manufacture. Otherwise, the Asset Scoring Tool will calculate this value based on the year the building was  constructed and FEDS equipment life assumptions.


Note: If you specify the equipment's efficiency, the year of manufacture will not be used.


# Pieces of Equipment – Total number of equipment pieces serving the whole building,  regardless of size.


Efficiency COP (Cooling) – Efficiency of the cooling system in  coefficient of performance (COP) is the ratio of the rate of heat removed to the rate of energy input, in  consistent units, for a complete refrigerating system or some specific portion of that system under designated  operating conditions. Energy efficiency ratio (EER) is the ratio of net cooling capacity in Btu/h to  total  rate of electric input in watts under designated operating conditions. Typical COP values for air conditioning and  heat pump systems are in the range 2-4. A maximum of 8 may be entered into this field.


Efficiency (Heating) – The percentage of the rate of heat delivered to the rate of energy  input. If the equipment is a heat pump, a COP value is used where the COP of heating is the ratio of the rate of  heat delivered to the rate of energy input. COP values between 1-8 may be entered into this field; typical values  are between 2.5-4.7. If the equipment is a gas fired furnaces or boiler, the efficiency value is typically between  74%-92%; for electric resistance heat, this value is typically 100%. A minimum of 60% may be entered into this  field for furnaces or boilers.


Note: For multiple pieces of cooling or heating equipment with various levels of efficiency, enter the  weighted  average efficiency based on equipment size.


 Example: (2 COP * 6 Tons) + (3 COP * 10 Tons) + (3 COP * 12 Tons) + (3 COP * 12 Tons)/(6+10+12+12) = 2.85  COP  


Average Output Capacity – Output capacity of the system/cooling equipment in tons (12,000  Btus/ton); output capacity of the system/heating equipment in kBtu/hr.  

Note: For multiple pieces of equipment, enter the average output capacity for all pieces of equipment.  


Example: (80 + 60 + 100)/3 = 80 kBtu/hr


To convert from different heating/cooling units, see the HVAC Unit Conversion table below.


HVAC Unit Conversion Table