In accordance with ADA requirements, elevators are required to be specified for buildings with an accessible  floor  above the 3rd floor.  In some buildings, elevators may account for 3-5% of whole building energy use. Including elevators in your  building  model may help in the assessment of building assets and give credit for the use of energy efficient  motors/technologies.

Name – Default component text and counters are automatically added. This entry may be edited to include other descriptive or identifying text.

Create Elevators 

  1. Click the Add Elevators button to add elevators.
  2. Enter elevator inputs
  3. Select the entered elevator(s) on the Operations data entry screen.

Energy Asset Score Inputs for Elevators:


Elevator Type – Pull-down menu selections:


Hydraulic – These elevators use a system of hydraulic cylinders and plungers powered by high-speed  electric pumps. Buildings with fewer than 6 floors typically have hydraulic elevators.


Traction– These elevators use a system of wire ropes or belts that wrap around a sheave driven by  a  gearless or a reduction gear motor. Buildings with 6 or more floors typically have traction elevators.


Number of Elevators