Select the Operations icon from the asset score toolbar to define the  setpoints  and primary operating schedule for the building.


Note: Operations data entry is optional. Standard operating conditions will be used for generating  an  asset score. Users can enter their actual operating conditions, if different from standard assumptions, to  customize  the life-cycle cost analysis of energy efficiency measures. Users are allowed to enter the actual operating  conditions  in order to receive recommendations tailored to their buildings, however these operating conditions will have no  effect on the asset score.


Create operations

  1. Click the Add Operations button to add an operation.
  2. When creating operations for the first time, enter the load(s), number of occupants, setpoints, and operating hours.
  3. Select the Create Operations button.

Assign operations to building blocks

To assign an operation to a building block:

  1. Select the Operations icon from the asset score toolbar
  2. Select an operation from the Operation(s) that has been entered and is listed on the left sidebar
  3. Drag and drop onto a block
  4. Repeat until all of the operations have been assigned as necessary.