Building information that has been entered may be viewed and/or edited by making selections from the asset score toolbar, available on the Building Project workspace. Selecting the available icons displays the building components that have been entered (or need to be entered) on the left sidebar of the Building Project workspace.

A yellow warning symbol on a toolbar icon indicates that the section is either missing required information or has a problem with the data already entered.

Before scoring your building, check EACH of the building component icons on the toolbar for EACH of the blocks you have created to make sure that you don't need to make any changes.

Warnings and Settings

A yellow Warnings button will appear on the toolbar if there are data entry items that may need to be addressed before scoring a building. A blue Settings button is available on the toolbar that provides access to an option to choose to display some of the HVAC system parameters that use standard assumptions in the Asset Score model.

Building Information

Selecting the Building Info icon will display a summary page of the Components that have been entered. The available links on this page will display associated data entry screens, including the Building Properties screen to change the building name and location if necessary.

Note: assets are grouped on this page according to the building blocks they were assigned to.  Select the block name from the white links on the blue display bars of the Building Info page to expand and display block data inputs.