A blue Settings button is available on the asset score toolbar.  Selecting this button will display a Building Options screen with options to choose to display system parameters that use standard assumptions in the Asset Score model. 

Display Advanced System Parameters

Selecting the Display Advanced System Parameters checkbox and the green Update Building button will make the following fields in the Heating and Cooling section visible for reference and/or data entry. These fields may be populated with user-entered values, if known; otherwise existing standard assumptions will be used.


  • Pump Power (W/gpm)
  • Cooling Tower Efficiency (gpm/hp)

Air Handlers:

  • Total System Fan Power (W/CFM)
  • ERV Sensible and Latent Effectiveness (available when Energy Recovery Ventilation is checked)
  • ERV Economizer Bypass Control 
  • ERV Supply Temperature Control 
  • System Fan Power Reduction when ERV Bypassed (W/CFM)
  • DOAS Supply Air Temperature Setpoint (°F; available when Dedicated Outdoor Air System is selected as the System Type)

Zone Equipment:

  • Total System Fan Power (W/CFM)

Generate a verified Total HVAC System Performance Ratio

Checking this box will make available a set of advanced system parameter inputs that use standard assumptions in the Asset Score model. These inputs will be identified as 'Required’ and will need to be entered before score the building.  A whole building HVAC system Total System Performance Ratio (TSPR) will be calculated and used for the HVAC system evaluation ranking in the asset score report. See the TSPR page for additional details, including the list of additional required inputs that are available upon selecting this option.