Select the Lighting icon from the asset score toolbar to create or edit each type of lighting fixture included in your building. Fixtures refer to the luminaire components that house the lamp or lamps, positions the lamp, shields it from view, and distributes the light. The fixture also provides for connection to the power supply, which may require the use of a ballast.

Note: The Asset Scoring Tool does not model exterior lighting, so exterior fixtures should not be entered. Only interior fixtures should be accounted for. 

Create an interior lighting fixture

  1. Click the Add Fixture button to add a lighting fixture.
  2. When creating lighting fixtures for the first time, enter mounting type(s) and lighting type(s) from the pull down menus, and the watts per lamp and the number of lamps per fixture.
  3. Select the Create Fixture button.

Assign lighting fixtures to building blocks

Every block must have at least one assigned lighting fixture. To assign a lighting fixture to a building block:

  1. Select the Lighting icon from the asset score toolbar.
  2. Select a lighting fixture from the lighting fixture(s) that have been entered and are listed on the left sidebar.
  3. Drag and drop onto a block.
  4. Repeat until all of the blocks have been assigned a lighting fixture.

Every fixture in a block must have either a percentage served value OR the total number of fixtures entered for the calculation of lighting power density (watts per square foot). Click on a block and select and enter one of the following for each fixture:

Total Fixtures – The sum of the total number of fixtures entered in a block may not exceed 0.5 fixtures per square foot or have a lighting power density greater than 12 W/ft2 or less than 0.00 W/ft2.

% Served – The percent of the area in a block that is served by the selected fixture. The sum of the percentages served by the assigned fixtures do not need to total 100%, but they may not exceed 100%.