Select the Water heaters icon from the asset score toolbar to create or edit  the  water heater(s) used in your building.


Note: Water heaters are an optional input for the Energy Asset Scoring Tool and generally may  not affect the energy asset score of your building, because the water heating load in most buildings is very low.  Hotels (Lodging) and Multi-family residential buildings have high water heating loads and service hot water systems can noticeably affect the scores for these building types.


Create a water heater

  1. Click the Add Water Heater button to add a water heater.
  2. When creating water heaters for the first time, enter the fuel type (required), and additional information as  known. Select the Create Water Heater button.  


Assign water heaters to building blocks


To assign a water heater to a building block:

  1. Select the Water Heaters icon from the asset score toolbar
  2. Select a water heater from the water heater(s) that have been entered and are listed on the left sidebar.
  3. Drag and drop onto a block.
  4. Repeat until all of the water heaters have been assigned as necessary.