Each building must have at least one use type, certain construction assemblies, lighting fixtures, and an HVAC system entered into the tool and assigned to blocks before it may be submitted for a score. If items have not been entered, a yellow warning symbol on icons of the asset score toolbar will be displayed:

Assign components to each building block

Select the icons on the asset score toolbar to navigate between the component pages, then click on the building blocks to display summaries of the assigned components. If a component has been created but not assigned to a block:

  1. Select the component from the left sidebar by clicking and holding the mouse
  2. Drag and drop (release the mouse click) onto a block
  3. Repeat until all of the components have been assigned to blocks.

Assigning windows and walls to individual block surfaces

Different Wall and Window configurations may be assigned to individual surfaces of a block by selecting the "Edit Surface" button of the Block Viewing Controls toolbar. When the Edit Surface button has been selected, you may drag and drop wall and window components onto block surfaces as described above. Clicking on a surface opens a construction window for detailed inputs.

Note: The tool recognizes and models adjacent surfaces of connected blocks as internal walls. When walls and windows are assigned to connected blocks, the adjacent surfaces are identified on the Building Info page as 'Interior walls' and do not have window and wall types displayed.