Buildings can be imported into Asset Score from an Energy Star Portfolio Manager account to create buildings to save a few data entry steps. Buildings may also be imported into the Audit Template from BuildingSync® XML files. Audit Template also provides features to export buildings including XML, CSV, JSON, and PDF.

Export and Import Building Demo

In the following session, we will demonstrate export building as XML and import from a valid XML file. (For more details about the valid XML data format, please see BuildingSync® XML.)

Export XML

Option1: AUDIT TEMPLATE -> check the building(s) to export -> (With Selection:) -> Download BSXML Documents one per Building

It will download a zip file called “”, which includes an XML file in the naming convention “report_<building_id>.xml” (e.g., repor_318.xml)


Option2: (Within individual building editing page) -> Download -> XML

It will download an XML file in the naming convention “report_<building_id>.xml” (e.g., repor_318.xml)


Import XML

AUDIT TEMPLATE -> Import Buildings

Choose File -> (Select the xml report, e.g., report_318.xml) -> Open -> Import BuildginSync XML 

Result: information about the imported building (with a convenient entry to the building editing page.)

You can also find the imported building in the AUDIT TEMPLATE panel (Note building 28535 is created by importing XML file.)