My Buildings


Add, view, edit and manage the Asset Score or Audit Report buildings you have in your account on the Buildings page.  Buildings may be displayed in a Grid view or a List view by using the toggle buttons at the top of the page, or by selecting from the drop down options on the top menu bar.  The Buildings page is accessible from anywhere in the tool by selecting the Asset Score Home icon on the left hand side of the top menu bar. The default view is the Grid view.



Top menu bar – Use the white top menu bar to access the Buildings Grid and List View pages, the NYC Properties page, and the Import Buildings page; navigate to the Groups, Contacts, and Building Share pages; access the User Guide, additional resources and Help documents; contact the Help Desk; or edit your account, from anywhere in the tool.

Right menu buttons – Use the right menu buttons to create building projects and to filter buildings displayed on the Grid or List views:

Add a Building – Select to begin a building project.

Audit Reporting Tool – Select from drop down options to create an audit report in the 
Audit Template.

Import Buildings – Select to import Preview buildings from csv files, building audit data from BuildingSync® XML, or building data from an Energy Star Portfolio Manager account.

Filters – Make selections from any or all of the four filter pull down options to filter your buildings for easy viewing and access. Filter options include.  

Ownership – Select Mine to display all buildings that have been created by you.  Select Shared to display buildings owned by you and shared with others, and buildings created and owned by others and shared with you.  The default view is Mine and Shared which displays all of the buildings you have access to.

Type – Select to display buildings created in Full or Preview input modes.  The default display is All buildings.

Status – Select to display buildings that have been scored (Rated) are incomplete or are in edit mode (Editing), or have been submitted and are waiting for a score (Running).

Group – Buildings that have been added to a group may be viewed by selecting from the available Group list.  

Reset Filters – Select the Reset Filters link to return the full display of your buildings.  

Grid View


After login, the energy Asset Scoring Tool will launch the Buildings page, which displays iconic representations of your buildings in the tool in a Grid view. Buildings are displayed from left to right and top to bottom in the order of the date that they were last modified. By looking at the building icons, you can distinguish between buildings that have been submitted for scoring from other buildings that have not been submitted and between Full and Preview Input Mode buildings, and Audit Template reports.


Building Status –Buildings that you have entered into the tool are displayed with the building name and an icon image of the blocks and 3-D geometries. Text displayed in the lower portion of the building icon will indicate the building status. If a building has been submitted for a score, text will indicate ‘Running’, and the building will not be available to view/edit. If the building has been scored, the text will indicate ‘Rated’, and the current energy asset score will be displayed in a white circle in the lower right corner of the building icon display. If a building has not yet been scored, the text will indicate ‘Editing’, and an energy asset score will not be displayed.


Input Mode – As displayed in the upper left hand corner of the building icon display, buildings that have been created using the Preview Input Mode are identified by 'Preview' text, and buildings created using the Full Input Mode are identified by ‘Full’ text. Audit Template reports are identified by ‘Audit Report’ text.

Building Scores – Building scores for Full Input Mode buildings, and  score ranges for Preview Input Mode buildings will be displayed in a white circle in the lower right corner of the building icon display buildings for buildings that have been scored. Audit Reports that have been submitted to a city will identified with a checkmark.



Delete, Duplicate and Share – Select the drop down menu from the upper right corner of a building icon to delete, make a copy of your building, or share your building with someone on your approved list of contacts.  Buildings that you have shared with your contacts, or are owned by others and shared with you will have a yellow share icon displayed in the lower left corner of the building icon.  Select this icon to view sharing details.