The energy asset score that is generated by the Asset Scoring Tool evaluates the physical characteristics of a  building "as built" and its overall energy efficiency independent of its occupancy and operational choices  (building  use schedules and plug loads). The energy model takes into account the building envelope, the mechanical and  electrical systems, and other major energy-using equipment that is built into the building.


The primary modeling output of the Asset Scoring Tool is source energy use intensity (EUI), which is used to generate the asset score. No baseline building is needed because the calculated EUI is  placed  on a  predefined scale for each  use type.


The energy asset score output, as displayed in an online summary display page and a downloadable energy asset score report, will identify potential cost-effective opportunities  for  efficiency improvements and note what impact those opportunities might have on the potential asset scores of a  building.


Score your building



Before scoring your building, perform a final review of all building data entered into the tool:

  1. Select the Building Info icon on the asset score toolbar to view a summary of your building data.
    Note: assets are grouped according to the building blocks they were assigned to.  Select the block name from the links on the Building Info page to display.  
  2. Review EACH of the building components for EACH of the blocks you have created to make sure that you don't  need to  make any changes.
    Note: A yellow warning symbol on a toolbar icon  or on the Building Info page indicates that section is either missing required information or has a problem with data already entered.
  3. Go back and make changes to your inputs if needed


When your building is complete, you can submit it for simulation to receive a score:

  1. Select the green Score Building button found on the top right of the Building Project workspace to send your building to the modeling engine.
  2. Review the list of upgrade opportunities that have been identified for your building and displayed on the Submit Building for Scoring popup screen.
  3. Select the recommendations you would like to include in your asset score report.
  4. Select the green Score Building button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. A system notice should appear indicating that your building has been submitted, and that you should receive an email notification when your score is ready.
  6. Select the green Back to My Buildings icon to return to My Buildings.

View your score


Once a simulation is complete, the Status of your building that is available on the My Buildings table will be listed as 'Rated,' indicating  that  the building has been scored and is available for review. Click the building link to view a summary page that includes  an  asset score scale graphic with the current and potential scores of your building. The summary screen also includes  the  inputs you used to create your building.

Download score results

Select the yellow Download icon, and select 'Download Report' to open a detailed energy asset score report in PDF file format to view and/or download. The energy asset score report guide can be used to help interpret your score.

Select the yellow Download icon, and select either of the two ‘Download OSM Model’ options to open an OpenStudio Model (.osm) file to view and/or download for use in other applications.