The Energy Asset Scoring Tool converts modeled source EUI into a score and uses a predefined 10-point interval scoring scale with 0.5-point intervals. The 10-point scale reflects a range of EUIs, where 1 corresponds to a very high EUI and 10 is associated with a very low EUI level. The EUI range varies depending on use type. For different building use types, each additional half-point on the scale corresponds to a different reduction in source EUI.  Scoring scales are also divided into multiple sections. Less efficient buildings need to achieve higher energy reductions to obtain additional points.


A score of 10 represents a building where the lowest expected energy usage using current energy efficiency technologies, which can be modeled using the Asset Score tool, would qualify it to be considered a high-performance building.


View the Commercial Building Energy Asset Score: Program  Overview and Technical Protocol for additional details regarding the Energy Asset Scoring Scale.