The Energy Asset Scoring Tool uses source energy use intensity (EUI) as the basic metric to develop the energy  asset  score. Using source energy aligns the energy asset score with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, which uses source  energy  as its basic metric.


The Energy Asset Scoring Tool also employs the national conversion factors used by Portfolio Manager. The  source-site  ratios shown in the table below are used to convert each kBtu of energy used on site into the total kBtu of  equivalent  source energy consumed:


National Conversion Factors*


SourceSource-Site Ratio
District Cooling1.00
District Heating1.20


*From U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,   Understanding Source  and  Site Energy.


View the Commercial Building Energy Asset Score: Program  Overview and Technical Protocol for additional details regarding EUI and the Energy Asset Scoring  Tool, or the energy asset score report guide, for  information  on how EUI is obtained using the Asset Scoring Tool.