Users have the option to generate a score preview or a full score report depending on the type and amount of inputs they enter. The following input modes are available to select:

Full Report input mode: Select this mode to obtain a full Asset Score report with current and potential scores, total energy use values, building upgrade opportunities, and system evaluations.


Detailed information about a building's geometry, envelope, mechanical and lighting systems, and operations may be entered using this mode. It may be used for single or mixed use buildings, and buildings with single or multiple HVAC system types.


Preview mode: Select this mode to obtain an estimated score range and an Asset Score report preview based on a limited amount of inputs.  Note:  this feature was discontinued in 2021.


This mode may be helpful to obtain a quick 'at a glance' estimate of what the Asset Score could be for a building or a group of buildings when very little information is known about a building's geometry, envelope or system components. A building model will be created using default values, some of which may be edited to better represent your building.


The Preview input mode may be used for buildings with a single use type, simple rectangular geometry, and a single HVAC system type. You may choose to switch from Preview to Full mode after entering your building data.