The City of Brisbane (CA) launched the Brisbane Building Efficiency Program (BBEP) to address energy and water use in existing buildings to help make them more efficient, thereby saving owners money, improving the safety and comfort of our building stock, and reducing emissions that are driving climate change.

In the "Beyond Benchmarking" stage, buildings must show that they are high-performing (Performance Path) or take steps to improve (Prescriptive Path). These requirements begin in 2023 for Commercial buildings, and 2024 for Industrial and Multi-Family buildings, and are separate from the regular benchmarking reporting that is due every year. Buildings in the Prescriptive Path must conduct an audit under the supervision of a qualified auditor and submit it to the City using this DOE Audit Template. Buildings over 40,000 square feet must conduct a minimum of an ASHRAE Level II audit (Level III audits are also acceptable). Buildings between 10,000-39,999 square feet have the option to conduct an ASHRAE Level II audit or complete an Asset Score full report.

For more information about BBEP visit and for detailed guidance on the Beyond requirements, visit For additional support, contact program staff at