This page displays a full listing of New York City properties that were created using the Audit Template feature of Asset Score in a table format. The property Name, Borough, Block, Lot, and number of buildings that have been created and assigned to a BBL property will be displayed.  By default, buildings are sorted by the building ID, but may be sorted by any of the columns by clicking on the column headers.

Note:  The Owner column is for reference only. The sharing feature of Asset Score is not available at the BBL property level for NYC buildings.   

Click on a property Name to open the selected property for viewing/editing.  The buildings in the property will then be accessible by selecting the Building Information Numbers link and selecting the Building Name.

Downloading Reports and Exporting Properties

From this view, you may delete or download reports for properties and their associated buildings individually or in bulk by checking the boxes on the last column and selecting from the blue ‘With Selection’ pull down button located at the bottom right corner of the table.  Individual or multiple properties may be exported to BuildingSync® XML files in a either a single BuildingSync XML file or one file per property.

Importing Properties

BuildingSync® XML files for individual or multiple NYC properties downloaded from the Audit Template or generated from other software may be copied and edited and used to import into the Audit Template to create new property entries for individual or multiple properties in bulk with a single file. To import into the Audit Template:

  1. Select the green Import Buildings button
  2. Select ‘Choose File’ and click on an XML file
  3. Select the blue Import BuildingSync XML button

After import, a success notice should appear along with a link to the new audit report property which should also appear on your list of properties on the NYC Properties page.  XML files that are not in the correct format will display an invalid warning and will not be imported.