San Francisco and Berkeley reports require a confirmation of audit completion affidavit to be filed before submission. Once all required inputs have been entered into the Audit Template, review building inputs for accuracy, address any issues marked with a warning icon, and check the box to agree to the affidavit. Sign the affidavit by entering the name of the submitting individual, and select the Save button.


Note: once the form has been signed, it may not be edited again.


I am filing this Confirmation of Energy Audit for the purpose of complying with San Francisco Environment Code Chapter 20 on behalf of the owner of the building cited above. I affirm that the Energy Efficiency Audit of the above building summarized on this form meets or exceeds the Level of Effort indicated above, as described in the ASHRAE Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits (PCBEA) 2004 or subsequent. I have delivered to the building owner a signed copy of the Energy Efficiency Audit report which meets or exceeds the reporting standards of the PCBEA, and includes: the date(s) that the audit was performed; a list of the retro-commissioning and retrofit measures available to the owner; and an estimate of the approximate energy savings, avoided energy cost, and costs to implement each measure consistent with the Level of Effort indicated above, and consistent with this confirmation of Energy Audit.