Add a VRF System if the HVAC System of your building includes a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system.  Typically VRF Systems:

  • Provides both heating and cooling
  • Include a single outdoor unit that serves multiple indoor terminal units
  • Include indoor units that vary refrigerant flow in evaporating coils to meet individual zone loads
  • Are ductless
  • Are more energy efficient than conventional heat pump systems
  • Include indoor units that come in variety of configurations (e.g. ceiling, floor, wall units)

The ventilation for VRF systems modeled in Asset Score are air cooled and not water cooled, and do not have a heat recovery capability. 

To add a VRF System:

  1. Select the Add (plus) icon from the VRF Systems sidebar option on the Heating and Cooling page.  
  2. Edit the System name (if desired), and enter the VRF Equipment Details if known
  3. Add a Zone Equipment, and select VRF as the System Type.  This will automatically assign VRF as the Cooling and Heating Source.  Select the VRF System that was created in step 1 from the Linked VRF System pull down menu to link to the Zone Equipment.

Alternatively, you may select VRF from the HVAC Systems System Type drop down menu, which will automatically add a VRF System entry and link it to a Zone Equipment entry.  You may then edit the VRF System equipment detail values if known.