Buildings in the Asset Score and TSPR tools are categorized by occupancy or use type classifications.  Available building use types refer to the general primary business or function of the building, not the specific activity of a space within the building. 

The TSPR analysis can support use types of ‘Office’, ‘Retail’, ‘Library’ and ‘School’. Portions of the building that are use types other than these should not be included in the analysis.

See also:  TSPR Snapshot #4 - Creating a Building, Assigning Use Types training video and additional videos and documentation at


Create a use type


Document each of the use types present within your building. Add building blocks for each use type as needed. For example, if your building includes both Office and Retail spaces, you should have at least two blocks present.


Select the Use Type icon from the asset score toolbar to create or edit use types for your building.

  1. Click the ‘+’ Add Use Type button to add a use type.
  2. Select a Use Type from the pull-down menu. 
  3. Click the Add Use Type button to save your changes.


Assign use types to building blocks


Every building block must have an assigned use type. To assign a use type to a building block:


  1. Select a use type from the use type(s) that have been entered and are listed on the left sidebar by clicking and holding the mouse.
  2. Drag and drop (release the mouse click) onto a block.
  3. Repeat until all blocks have been assigned a use type.


Note: After assigning a use types to blocks, the block display will include different colors associated with the assigned use type(s). Blocks that have not been assigned a use type will remain gray.