Mechanical equipment schedules may be created to enter all of the HVAC equipment present in a building.   Equipment may then be assigned to associated HVAC system components.  The TSPR tool will auto calculate the weighted average cooling and heating equipment efficiencies and total system fan power for grouped equipment (see the blue 'Calculated Efficiency' and Calculated Fan Power' fields).  Note:  all TSPR building HVAC components must have at least one equipment schedule entry.  

Equipment schedules may be created by entering into tables on the Mechanical Equipment screen, or by adding or editing HVAC components from either the HVAC component summary tables on the Mechanical Equipment screen, or the Heating & Cooling screen.

Create equipment schedules from the Mechanical Equipment screen

  1. Select the Mechanical Equipment icon from the asset score toolbar to create or edit the equipment of the HVAC system(s) supplying your building.
  2. Select an HVAC component type from among the 5 tabs at the top of the screen (VRF Condenser Units, Plant Loops, Air Handlers, Terminal Units, Zone Equipment)
  3. Select the blue ‘Add Equipment button’
  4. Enter a descriptive name for the Equipment ID (e.g. AHU1, AHU2)
  5. Enter a value for the number of pieces of equipment – greater than 1 if grouping equipment with the same capacity, rated efficiency, air flow and fan power.
  6. Select a System Type, Cooling Source and Heating Source
  7. Enter values for cooling and heating source rated capacity and rated efficiency
  8. Enter values for fan system design supply airflow and system fan power
  9. Select the blue ‘Save Schedule Entries’ button – Note that if this button is not pushed, new or edited entries will be lost

Note:  after saving equipment entries, the tables auto convert the rated heating and cooling system units to uniform units (e.g. to COP or Et), and auto adjust efficiencies to remove fan power at rated conditions and displays the new values in the Calculated Efficiency columns, highlighted in blue.   

Equipment schedule entries may be edited directly within the visible tables and then saved with the blue ‘Save Schedule Entries’ button.  To delete an entry, select the "trash can" icon from the last column of each table, and then select the blue ‘Save Schedule Entries’ button.  

Assign equipment to HVAC components

If an HVAC component has previously been created:

Select it from the HVAC component drop down in the Options column of the equipment schedule table (highlighted in orange) for each equipment entry you want to assign. Equipment may be unassigned as needed by following this same step. Select the blue ‘Save Schedule Entries’ button to save your changes. 

If an HVAC component has not been created:

  1. Select the green ‘Add’ button below the HVAC equipment summary table.  
  2. Enter a descriptive name (or use the default component text)
  3. Select a System Type
  4. Select a Cooling Source and a Heating Source and Fuel Type for Air Handlers and Zone Equipment, or Plant Type for Plants (including Fuel Type for Heating), or Reheat Source for Terminal Units
  5. Create new Mechanical Equipment Schedule entries by scrolling back to the top of the screen and selecting the blue ‘Add Equipment’ button, or
  6. Assign previously created equipment by selecting the Attach icon (paper clip)
  7. Enter all required component values
  8. Select the green ‘Create’ button to add the component

Note:  Previously created mechanical equipment entries will not be visible and available to attach to HVAC components unless the selected properties in Step 4 match the equipment entries.  For example,  an Air Handler mechanical equipment entry with a Central Furnace heating source and natural gas as the fuel type will not be visible and available to attach unless the Air Handler component also has Central Furnace selected as the heating source and natural gas selected as the fuel type.

HVAC component entries may be edited by selecting the "Edit" icon (pencil) to open an edit screen, and/or may be deleted by selecting the "trash can" icon next to the component name on the summary table.

Note:  the TSPR tool will calculate and display the weighted average efficiencies and fan power for assigned grouped equipment in the Calculated columns, highlighted in blue.