Use this section to report the Shared System energy consumption of the end-use systems in the building. When the shared system is sub metered, auditors may submit energy use for the shared system by individual buildings served by the system. Else, if the system isn’t sub metered, if multiple, then total energy use for the shared system should be submitted only for the building that houses the shared system. In such case, no other building should submit energy use for that shared system.

Note: For a NYC Energy Efficiency Report, a shared system is one which serves more than one building on the block.

Note: Shared systems cannot be linked across a BBL in Audit Template.

The Auditor needs to add shared systems in the 'HVAC' and 'Service Hot Water System' sections of the 'Facility Description' page before filling out this section. After that, the available fuel type is automatically populated in the “Energy Type” dropdown.


As an example, if we specify the “Fuel Type” of Cooling Plants under “HVAC” to “Electricity”, “Electricity” becomes available for the “Energy Type” dropdown under “Shared System Energy Use by End Use”. After choosing the Energy Type, click “Add” button, and a table for ‘Shared System Energy Use by End Use’ will be created for the auditor to populate.

Note:  for New York City Energy Efficiency Reports, energy use by end use data entered should be weather normalized.  Totals may not match the calculated totals found in the Annual Energy Use and Energy Cost Summary unless that data was manually entered.  For more information regarding weather normalization, see the What Is Weather Normalized Energy? FAQ from Energy Star Portfolio Manager.