Use this section to report the energy consumption of the end-use systems in the building. In accordance to Standard 211P, an and-use system that consumes less than 5% of the total annual building energy consumption need not be recorded for the audit purpose and can be included in an “Other” category.  Begin by selecting an Energy Type from the drop down menu, which will include all of the energy types that have been entered in the 'Metered Energy' or 'Delivered Energy' sections of the Utility Data and Benchmarking screen.

Select an end use system type from the drop down menu. Enter a value for the amount of energy used for that use type in the units given. The entered value for energy use will automatically be converted to kBtu and displayed in the green cell.  Add additional end use types, by selecting the blue Add Row button, for all of the end use types served for the selected energy type.

Totals for building energy consumption by energy source will be automatically calculated and compared to the historical utility data by energy source from the Annual Summary section of the Utility Data and Benchmarking screen.

Repeat the steps above for all available energy source types.