A table summarizing the average annual energy use and cost for all energy used in the building will be displayed in this section. The table will include the energy types defined in the Available Energy Supply Sources section.  The totals entered here will be used to calculate the Building EUI and the Site EUI that are displayed in the Existing Building EUI/ECI table. 

Auto-calculate annual energy use and cost

Select the checkbox beneath the table to have the Audit Template automatically calculate the annual energy use from the metered and delivered energy use entries.  The values in will match the average annual totals displayed in the metered and delivered energy tables. The total amount of energy used (in thousands BTU) and the average annual cost will be summed and displayed. 


Only complete energy years are included in the auto-generated calculations for this table. A complete energy year must have at least 1 entry for delivered energy or a full 12 entries for metered energy. An energy type that is displayed with a ‘0’ as a value in the Average Annual Use and/or Average Annual Cost cells is an indication that a metered or delivered energy entry is incomplete.


Note: For New York Energy Efficiency Reports, only metered and/or delivery data entered for individual buildings will be included in the summary totals.  BBL wide totals will not be included.


Manually enter annual energy use and cost

Uncheck the checkbox to manually enter average annual use and annual cost data.  Use this feature when the monthly metered and delivered energy totals are incomplete, are unknown, or are not required for city reporting.  Select the Save/Refresh button, and the total amount of energy used (in thousands BTU) and the average annual cost will be summed and displayed.


Note regarding parking:  Parking garages and surface parking are not required for audit reporting and the metered and delivered energy used for these spaces may be excluded from a building or property where possible.  This approach follows guidance provided by Portfolio Manager in the following documents:

DC BEPS Energy Audit Report  -  The auditor must enter the building's weather-normalized, by-fuel, baseline year(s) energy use for BEPS compliance purposes. Weather-normalized electricity and natural gas use in 2018 and 2019 are viewable from the Building Owner's Online Portal. Baseline year must be 2018, 2019, or the average of 2018-2019 unless otherwise approved by DOEE.

Auditors should not check the box to auto-calculate annual energy use from monthly data, because monthly utility data is usually not weather-normalized and may not align with the Compliance Cycle baseline year(s).

Energy cost data is required, and DOEE encourages entering actual cost information from billing but estimates will be accepted. Note: cost data is often unavailable in Portfolio Manager when the utility data is aggregated by Pepco and/or Washington Gas, but standard offer rates can be found at Pepco's and Washington Gas's websites.