Energy use data entered for properties in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager (ESPM) may be imported in bulk to populate the Metered Energy and/or Delivered Energy tables.  To import energy use data, follow the steps below:

  1. Download an ‘Energy Use By Calendar Month’ spreadsheet (xlsx file) for your building from ESPM.  This spreadsheet is available by selecting the ‘Export Data by Calendar Month’ link below the ‘Energy Use by Calendar Month’ chart on the Energy tab of properties in ESPM. E.g.

  2. Review spreadsheet content

  3. Import the downloaded spreadsheet into the Audit Template.  Select the ‘Choose File’ button from the Energy Reporting Years tab of the Utility Data and Benchmarking screen.  Identify the downloaded xlsx file from your computer.  Select the ‘Import Spreadsheet’ button.

  4. Review the Metered Energy and/or Delivered Energy sections for accuracy and add/edit as necessary.

Notes regarding imported data:

  • Up to 36 consecutive months of data per metered energy utility type may be imported in accordance to ASHRAE Standard requirements for audit procedures.
  • The Audit Template allows entry of three metered energy utility types and two delivered energy utility types. Additional energy supply sources will not be imported.
  • Coke, coal and wood energy supply sources are not supported, and will not be imported.
  • The Audit Template does not differentiate between electricity from the grid versus from renewable energy sources. Electricity data between sources will be aggregated and displayed under the 'Electricity' Utility Type for Metered Energy.
  • The Audit Template allows entries for energy cost, however cost data is not available through ESPM, and therefore will not be imported.