Enter values in this section to identify the metered and delivered energy supply sources for all of the building's energy systems. Select the green ‘Add Available Energy’ button and select an energy supply source from the Energy Type drop down menu.

The sources selected here will auto populate the available Energy Supply Source; Utility Type; Energy Type; and Annual Energy and Cost Savings field selection options on the Metered Energy Supply Source Details; Metered Energy; Delivered Energy; Annual Energy Use and Energy Cost; Annual Summary for On-Site Renewable Energy Production; Annual Summary for Exported Energy; Energy Use by End Use; and Energy Savings Opportunities screens (with the exception of exported energy sources, which will not be available as inputs on the Energy Use by End Use and Energy Savings Opportunities tables.

A maximum of 3 metered and 2 delivered energy supply sources may be added. The table below lists which sources are identified as Metered or Delivered Energy:

Metered Energy
Delivered Energy
Fuel Oil #1
Natural Gas
Fuel Oil #2
Chilled Water
Fuel Oil #3
Hot Water
Fuel Oil #4
District Steam
Fuel Oil #5 (Light)
Gaseous Propane
Fuel Oil #5 (Heavy)
Thermal Energy - Generated On-Site*
Electricity - Generated On-Site**
Other Energy - Generated On-SiteKerosene
Thermal Energy Exported
Liquid Propane
Electricity ExportedOther Energy - Generated On-Site
Other Energy ExportedOther Energy Exported

*Thermal energy sources include solar thermal collectors that provide hot water that can be used for space heating or water heating, or solar thermal applications that generate hot water used for space heating, etc.

**Electricity generated on site includes the electricity generated through renewable sources of energy such as solar photovoltaics, solar thermal power plants that convert solar energy to electricity or biogas plants that are used to generate electricity.

Imported energy, renewable energy produced on-site, and exported energy values are used to determine a Building EUI and Site EUI, which are displayed in the Existing Building EUI/ECI table.