To access the TSPR tool, register for an account and log in to Asset Score (, then navigate to TSPR.  Asset Score will verify the email used to register. TSPR reports for buildings analyzed will be sent to the registered email address.

To enter building data and create a TSPR report, complete steps below from within the Asset Score tool.

See also:  TSPR Snapshot #2 - Quick Start Guide for TSPR Tool training video and additional videos and documentation at

Step 1: Click on the ‘TSPR’ tab from the Home page, or select TSPR Buildings from the Buildings drop down menu

This opens a list view of TSPR buildings. All TSPR buildings created by you or shared with you will be displayed here.

Step 2: Begin project and enter basic building information

Click on the ‘Add a Building’ button and enter building properties including building name, location, year of construction, total floor area, and submitter details, and click the ‘Create Building’ to continue.

Step 3: Add building blocks to create building geometry

Blocks” are used to construct a 3-D image that approximates the building’s geometry, configuration, and orientation:

  • Click on the  icon to add a building block
  • Simplify the building geometry using the pre-defined shapes available.
  • Most buildings may be modeled as a single block, however multiple blocks may be added to represent different shapes, use types and HVAC systems present in the building

Step 4:  Enter building components and assign to building blocks

Use the toolbar icons to navigate among building component sections.  Click on the icon to add components and assign to blocks through a click, ‘Drag and Drop’ action from the left sidebar onto block images. Click on a block to view the assigned components and to specify additional inputs as needed

Use Types -- The TSPR analysis can support occupancy types of ‘Office’, ‘Retail’, ‘Library’ and ‘School’. Portions of the building that are occupancy types other than these should not be included in the analysis.

Construction – add envelope components and specify thermal properties for roofs, walls, windows, and floors.

Lighting -- Interior lighting is automatically set to the prescriptive requirements of the Washington State Energy Code based on the block use type. 

Heating & Cooling – HVAC systems are entered into the tool by adding Air Handlers and/or Zone Equipment and the Plant Loops or VRF Condenser Units that may serve them.    

Step 5:  Score your building and review your TSPR Report

Click the   icon on the toolbar to do a final review of all building data prior to scoring your building. Go back and make changes to your inputs if needed.

Select the “Score Building” button to submit your building. You will receive an email notice when a TSPR report for your building is available to download and review.  The Status of the building on the Home page will change from ‘Running’ to ‘Rated’ when complete.

See also:  TSPR Snapshot #2 - Quick Start Guide for TSPR Tool training video and additional videos and documentation at