The online TSPR analysis tool may be used to enter geometry, envelope and HVAC system inputs to create a building energy model that will estimate the HVAC annual energy use and carbon emissions to generate a proposed Total System Performance Ratio (TSPR) that will be compared against a baseline TSPR to determine compliance. See the TSPR Overview page for details.

Add, view, edit and manage the TSPR buildings you have in your account on the Buildings page which are displayed in a List View. This page is accessible from anywhere in the tool by selecting the Home icon on the left hand side of the top menu bar, or the 'Building - TSPR Buildings' option from the menu.


Top menu bar – Use the white top menu bar to access the Buildings page, navigate to the Groups, Contacts, and Building Share pages; access the User Guide, additional resources and Help documents; contact the Help Desk; or edit your account, from anywhere in the tool.

Right menu buttons – Use the right menu buttons to create TSPR building projects, upload example buildings from the Example Building Library, and to filter buildings displayed in the Buildings table.

Menu Buttons

Add a Building – Select to begin a building project.

Example Building Library – Select to view and upload example buildings from the Example Building Library.

Filters – Make selections from any or all of the filter pull down options to filter your buildings for easy viewing and access. Filter options include:

Ownership – Select 'Mine' to display all buildings that have been created by you. Select 'Shared' to display buildings created and owned by others and shared with you. The default view is All, which displays all of the buildings you have access to.

Status – Select to display buildings that have been scored (Rated) are incomplete or are in edit mode (Editing), or have been submitted and are waiting for a score (Running).

Group – Buildings that have been added to a group may be viewed by selecting from the available Group list.

Reset Filters – Select the Reset Filters link to return the full display of your buildings.

List View

The My Buildings page display includes a full listing of TSPR buildings created by you, and buildings created by others and shared with you, in a table format. From this table, you may delete buildings or download report outputs in bulk by checking the boxes on the last column and making a selection from the blue ‘With Selection’ pull down button located at the bottom right corner of the table. 

By default, buildings are sorted by the building ID, but may be sorted by any of the columns by clicking on the column headers. Click on a building Name to open selected Asset Score buildings for viewing/editing in the Building Project Workspace, or selected Audit Template buildings for viewing/editing.

Select the Options gear icon link from the Options column to perform the following functions:

TSPR Building Options:

Download Report – display TSPR pdf report for scored buildings in Rated Status.

Delete Building – delete buildings owned by you.

Duplicate Building – make a copy of buildings owned by you or shared with you by others.

Share Building – share your building with someone on your approved list of contacts. Shared access to buildings that have been shared by others may be removed by selecting the ‘Remove Shared Building’ option. Note, this will remove the shared building from your list, but will not delete the building.

Ratings Report:

A ratings report (.csv) file is available for scored buildings by selecting the check box on buildings table and then selecting the 'Ratings Report (CSV) from the ‘With Selection’ drop down button below the table.  This file includes the proposed and baseline site and source TSPR values, proposed and baseline and potential energy use in kBtu for the heating, cooling, lighting, plug loads (interior_equipment), fans, pumps, and water heating by fuel type, and the total energy use for each use type (and a sum total for mixed use) in the building.  Multiple buildings may be downloaded into a single file for comparison purposes.