The bottom of Building Project Workspace contains a toolbar with interactive controls for manipulating the display of the block(s) image for your building. You can click control buttons to rotate the image to a specific perspective view, zoom in and out, change the perceived viewing distance, or even permit free rotation by clicking and holding and moving the mouse cursor on the block icon.


Block viewing controls descriptions

Toggle the block spacing guides – Turn this button on to display and edit the relative position (distances in ft.) between walls and building blocks.


Toggle block snapping – Turn this button on to "snap" blocks into place as you move them around to help with building block placement.


Zoom In and Zoom Out – Use the Zoom In button or move the slide to the left to get a closer (larger) view of your block(s); use the Zoom Out button or move the slide to the right to get a view from farther away (smaller).


Change camera angle – Turn on this button to freely rotate the viewing angle of the block display. Click and hold your cursor anywhere on the green display background, and move your mouse in any direction to change the view. Note that the compass icon moves with the display as it is rotated.


Free moving camera – This default setting allows you to freely move blocks around from any direction and view you want. Used in conjunction with the Change camera angle button.


Building face view direction options – These buttons allow you to view your building from a desired direction (North, South, East, West, Top or Bottom).