The Building Project Workspace includes pages for viewing and editing building data that has been entered into the tool and for submitting a completed building to the modeling engine. The Building Project Workspace will also provide a visual 3-D representation of your building in the form of "blocks".


Click on the link associated with the name of one of your buildings on the Buildings page to display the Building Project Workspace, which includes the asset score toolbar across the top, and a list of your building blocks on the left sidebar:


Data Entry

When creating a building for the first time, the block section of the Building Project Workspace will appear. After creating a block, navigate among the workspace pages on the asset score toolbar to create, view, edit, and assign components to blocks.


Required Data and Inferred Values

Required data fields and selections available in the Building Project data entry screens are marked with a red asterisk (*). Other data fields are optional and may be left blank. If optional items are left blank, then the tool uses its internal database of typical energy-system configurations and performance data to infer likely building parameters and use those inferred values for the energy simulation model.


Saving your Building Project

Entries and edits to your building project are automatically saved while you work.


If you edit a building that has already been scored, any changes you make and then submit will overwrite the data and score. If you wish to make changes to your building but keep the original configuration and score, you may make a copy of the original building from the Buildings page, by selecting the Options icon from the Options column of the table, and selecting ‘Duplicate Building’.


You may exit your building at any time and return to the Buildings page by selecting the 'Asset Score Home' button located at the far left side of the top navigation menu bar.