Energy audit data entry screens need to be completed for each BIN in a BBL.   Sections to complete on this screen include:

Submission Information

Buildings within the same BBL need to be submitted together by the same auditor. Enter the name and contact information of the person and organization submitting the report. The individual listed here may be contacted with regard to questions or requests for additional documentation, if necessary.

Inputs entered will automatically populate the Submission Information form on all of the buildings in the BBL.  The Submission Date and Version will be automatically populated based on when the report is submitted.

Audit Details

A Level 1 and Level 2 energy audit must be conducted prior to completing the Audit Reporting Tool. Energy audit requirements can be found in the law §28-308.2.

Enter the Level 1 and Level 2 dates of completion and values for all additional fields that apply or select N/A if not applicable.


Note:  The Year of Last Renovation may include the date of the most recent substantial renovation or change of occupancy of the building's main use.

Indicate if a building is exempt from energy audits and is only subject to a Retro-Commissioning study in the Additional Comments field.  This space may also be used to include any additional details regarding the audit that may not appear elsewhere in the reporting process that you would like to convey to city officials. 

Audit Team Information

Qualifications for those conducting the audit are included in the Rule for Local Law 87, 1 RCNY §103-07, paragraph (c). Though these qualifications are necessary for the actual audit, the Audit Reporting Tool does not have to be completed by the Energy Auditor.

Enter the organization, name, and credentials of the auditor responsible for the audit report, and include any additional auditor details that you would like to convey to city officials.

Building Staff

Enter the name of the building owner and representative; property management company and contact; and the building operator and their credentials.