Building audit contacts may be entered and stored here to be associated with any contact type in the Building Audit and Building Staff section for any building audit report you submit.    

  • Enter as many contacts as you will need by selecting the blue Add Contact button at the bottom of the screen, and enter contact details.  
  • None of these fields are required when creating a contact, however, some of the fields may be required for certain reports, so it is advisable to enter as much as possible.  
  • You may enter ‘n/a’ if information in a field is not available, or is unknown.
  • If the contact is for a company or organization without an individual associated with it, you may list the organization name in both the Name and the Company Name or Organization fields. 
  • If the contact will be associated with the building owner contact type, and the individual is not associated with an organization, list ‘individual’ in the Company Name or Organization field.

Note:  these contacts belong to your Asset Score Audit Template account.  If a building is shared with another user, the contact information linked to that building will not be accessible to the shared user.