Placeholder page for soon to be released new Example Building Library feature. 

A collection of example building audit reports are available that may be used to see how selected audit reports may be configured in the Audit Template tool. To access, select the green 'Example Building Library' button from the Audit Template home page to display a table of example building reports to choose from. 

This table may be sorted by selecting the column headings, or filtered by using the filter options from the menu on the right. Clicking a 'Create' link from the Options column will upload the selected building report into your account and automatically load the report for viewing. You may choose to rename and edit the building as you see fit. 

Filter options (descriptions coming soon): 

  • Compliant
  • Multi-building property with central plant
  • Building with metered delivered data entry and annual summary
  • Multi-building property with ESO for shared systems
  • High efficiency building with decarbonization focus