A Unique Building Identification (UBID) is a string that encodes the location and extent of a spatially-extended object, such as a building or land parcel, on the surface of the Earth.  Learn more

UBID Input Field

A UBID may be entered for a building to be included in an Audit Template report.  To set the UBID for a building, navigate to the "Building Information" screen, find the "Unique Building ID (UBID)" field in the "Location" section of the form, and then click the "Assign UBID" link (on the right-hand side of the form input field) to launch the UBID Editor.  Note:  the "Unique Building ID (UBID)" field is disabled. The UBID for a building may only be modified by using the editing tool.

UBID Editor

The workflow for using the UBID editor is as follows:

  1. Locate the building on the map using the "Search by Location" tool.
  2. Draw the building footprint geometry.
  3. Assign the UBID.

Locate building on the map

The "Search by Location" tool (powered by the Microsoft Bing Maps API) allows you to locate the building on the map by searching for its street address.  Note: The street address is automatically populated if it has been specified in the "Building Information" screen.

Place your cursor in the 'Search by Location' box and click the address entry, then click on the resulting popup address with the 'Bing' notation:

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the selected search result are geolocated and assigned a "UBID zero" (a UBID with all zero extents), and the UBID form input field is automatically populated when a search result is selected.  Note also that the selected building should appear in the map along with a green box which may be edited using the drawing tool:

Draw the building footprint geometry

Click the pencil icon (top left) and then click the geometry to start drawing mode.

Drag and drop the control points to edit the geometry. Control points may be deleted by right-clicking on them.

Assign the UBID

Click the pencil icon again to save the geometry and assign the UBID.  Note that the UBID may also be edited manually using the form input field.  Finally, click the "Save UBID" button to save the UBID and return to the "Building Information" screen.

Note: At any time, click the "Cancel" button to revert any unsaved changes.  And, when editing, the 'Erase' icon may be used to erase existing shapes and you may start over from step one.