The Water Audit portion of the Federal Energy and Water Audit Report may be used to collect data to reflect a building’s water usage and recommendations for improvement. Input data fields for General Building and Occupancy and the guidance listed here were derived from Section 3.2 of the Water Evaluation Tools Handbook. Several of the fields listed in Section 3.2 are collected in the Energy screens of the Federal Energy and Water Audit Report.

In this section, general information on the building being evaluated is captured. General information on the building is important because it provides the basic information to identify the operational patterns and equipment type that can be helpful when extrapolating data across similar building types.

Data Collection for General Building Information

Collect the following general water audit detail information for the building.

  • Date of Completion of Water Audit
  • Year of Last Water-related Renovation
  • List Types of Water-related Renovations

Data Collection for Building Occupancy

This form collects the necessary information on occupancy used to determine water use of the building.

  • Building Occupant Type – Pull down menu selections include: stationary or transient. Stationary occupants tend to stay in the building for most, if not all, of the workday. Transient occupants are only in the building for a short period of time like people working out at a gym or shopping at a store. This occupancy pattern is used to estimate the water used in plumbing fixtures for that building.
  • Typical number of building occupants (weekdays and weekends)
  • Number of days per year building is occupied (weekdays and weekends)
  • Typical number of occupied hours per day (weekdays and weekends)
  • Percentage of male occupants (or count of males) -- The percentage of male building occupants is typically estimated based on the observations of the water evaluator or provided by the facility/building manager. Subtract percent male occupants from 100% to get percent female occupants.