Use the Water Savings Opportunities screen to enter and report water savings opportunities identified during the water audit. These opportunities may be selected from available Measure Category and Measure Name drop down lists, and then grouped as packages by Potential Capital or LowCost/No Cost Recommendations, and by user defined criteria with unique Package Names.

Data Entry Notes

  • Auditors may edit and provide their own identifying text for the Package Name (Note: this text must be unique)
  • Select Measure Category to populate lists of associated EEMs to select from in the Measure Name drop down menu. Select an appropriate EEM from among the list of actions required for implementation.
  • Measure Description is required to describe the existing conditions that provide background for understanding the basis for each recommended measure as necessary.
  • Enter the estimated water savings, cost savings, estimated cost to implement, for each of the measures identified.

Calculated Payback

The payback of each identified measure will automatically be calculated (and displayed in green) using the following formulas:

Net Measure Cost = Total Measure Cost - Total Potential Incentives

Simple ROI = Total Cost Savings/Total Net Measure Cost

Simple Payback (in years; excluding incentives) = Total Measure Cost/Total Cost Savings

Simple Payback (in years; including incentives) = Total Net Measure Cost/Total Cost Savings

The Tool will sum the total energy, cost, and cost savings for all of the packages and display in green below the table.