The Water Audit portion of the Federal Energy and Water Audit Report may be used to collect data to reflect a building’s water usage and recommendations for improvement. Input data fields for Water Use Summary and the guidance listed here were derived from Section 3.1.3 of the Water Evaluation Tools Handbook.

Water use (water supply) data is usually not collected during the walk-through survey, but rather is obtained from monthly/annual potable water utility bills. Make sure to get data for the most current year that has been completed. This information will likely be collected prior to an audit and may be provided by the facility manager.

Collect and enter annual (calendar year) potable, non-potable water, and landscaping water supply data. Monthly potable water use for the same time period may be collected as well, if available, and identified as such, but not entered into the report form.

The units used in the tool for annual water supply data are kgal. Be aware that water utility bill data may be in other units such as gallons, million gallons, or hundred cubic feet (CCF). Please make sure to convert to kgal (see table below).

1 CCF0.748
1 gallon0.001
1 million gallons1,000