Use this section to enter benchmark and target site energy use and cost inputs per ASHRAE level 2 guidelines. For New York City Energy Efficiency Reports, users may choose to submit information regarding data previously submitted for Local Law 84 (benchmarking). Select Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM) from the Benchmarking Source drop down menu of options, and enter the Portfolio Manager Building ID from ESPM to begin. 

Enter the year used for the benchmarking data (full year prior to audit); the ESPM Rating; Weather Normalized Source Energy Intensity (kBtu/ft2); Site Energy Use Intensity (kBtu/ft2) and Site Energy Cost Intensity (Energy Cost Index in $/ft2) for the benchmarked building; Total GHG Emissions (MtCO2e) and Indoor Water Use Intensity (Gal/ft2).   

Note:  Leave fields blank for inputs where the information is unknown or not available, and add additional comments in the memo field as needed.  A value is needed in the Rating field to generate a NYC Energy Efficiency Grade in DERPA reports.

The value for Principal Use Type will automatically be displayed based on the inputs entered in the Facility Description Use Types screen.

An estimate of the annual energy and cost savings that would be achieved if the target EUI and cost intensity is met will also be automatically displayed.  These values will be calculated as follows:

  • Annual Energy Savings to Reach Target (kBtu) = (Benchmark Site Energy Use Intensity - Target Site Energy Use Intensity) / Gross Floor Area
  • Annual Cost Savings to Reach Target (kBtu) = (Benchmark Site Energy Cost Intensity - Target Site Energy Cost Intensity) / Gross Floor Area