Use this section to enter the meter entry dates, energy use, and energy cost, for metered monthly utility data energy sources.  The units for data entry are pre-defined based on the energy supply source and cannot be edited by the user. The table below shows the units of metered energy use for each energy supply source. Daily energy use will be automatically calculated, as will average annual totals after a complete year of entries have been entered (see cells shown in green).  A complete year requires 12 monthly entries that lie within an Energy Reporting Year and should be aggregated for the whole building in accordance with Section 5.3 of ASHRAE Standard 105. The source of the data may be utility bills, utility meter, on-site measurement or an estimate.

This input is not required for reporting to New York City.  To include in New York City Energy Efficiency Reports, select the ‘BBL Metered Energy’ form to enter aggregated meter data for all buildings in a BBL for a specific energy supply source.  Entries and edits made to the tables on this screen will auto-populate the records of all of the BINs in a BBL. 

Metering data that applies only to a single building should be entered in the ‘Building Metered Energy’ form. Meter data imported from ESPM will only be imported into the ‘Building Metered Energy’ form for a single building.  

Note regarding parking:  Parking garages and surface parking are not required for audit reporting and the metered energy used for these spaces may be excluded from a building or property where possible.  This approach follows guidance provided by Portfolio Manager in the following documents:

Entering Data

To begin, select an energy source from the Utility Type drop down menu and then select the green Add button.  Enter a start date, end date, energy use in units given for the selected energy source, and the energy cost for each entry.  The number of days and energy use per day will automatically calculated after selecting the blue Add Row button or the green Save/Refresh button.  The energy use per day will also be converted to kBtu/day. 

Entries for Electricity include an Electricity Peak input to report peak electric demand (kW).  The value entered here will be used to calculate the Electricity Load Factor (Electricity Use/(Days x 24 x Peak).  The maximum value entered for this input will be displayed on the Average Annual Total row. 

Continue adding rows until a complete year of entries have been added.  A maximum of 3 years’ worth of entries (36 rows) may be added for each energy source. Repeat the steps above to add meter readings for additional utility types.  A maximum of 3 utility types may be added. 

To delete an entered row of data, select the red Remove button to the right of the entry.  To delete all of the metered data entered for the building, select the red Remove All button and the OK button when prompted.

Units for Metered Data Entry

Energy Supply SourceUnits 
Natural Gas
Chilled Water
Hot Water
District Steam
Gaseous Propane
Cubic Feet