A table summarizing the average annual energy use and cost for all energy used in shared base building HVAC systems that serve the current BBL, or other BBLs will be displayed in this section if applicable. Data entry rows will automatically appear if a Plant has been entered in the HVAC section, and selected the ‘Plant serves other BBLs or other BINs' box has been checked. The System Name and the selected Energy Type of the associated shared system will be displayed.  

Enter the average annual use, annual cost data, and percentage of the cost that is paid by the tenant for each entry.  Select the Save/Refresh button, and the total amount of energy used (in thousands BTU) and the average annual cost for plants located on the BBL will be summed and displayed.

Note: If groupings of buildings share base building systems, then the energy use for the shared system should be entered on the report for the building that houses the shared system. No other building should enter energy use for that shared system. If sub-metering data is available, auditors may disaggregate and submit energy use for the shared system by individual buildings in the “Building Annual Summary for Energy Use and Energy Cost” section.