Building audit inputs may be uploaded into the Audit Template individually or in bulk to save data entry steps and to facilitate the transfer of data from other software platforms using .csv files. 

Importing from a Spreadsheet Template

Building audit inputs may be imported into the Audit Template by following the steps below:

1. Download a Report Template file from the Import Buildings page:

  1. Click on the blue Import Buildings Button from the Buildings page
  2. Select a Report Type from the available types that are currently supported (New York City Energy Efficiency Report; San Francisco Report; generic ASHRAE Level 2 Report)
  3. Click the Download Template link
  4. Populate the downloaded spreadsheet (.csv) file with building audit report data for single or multiple buildings (entered on separate rows)

2. Upload spreadsheet into the Audit Template:

  1. Select the Choose file button and identify the edited .csv file
  2. Select the Import button (may take a few minutes to load)
  3. View the list of Validations Errors (if present)
  4. Select the clickable link(s) to open building Audit Template report
  5. Manually enter any missing data into the Audit Template that may have been identified on the Validation Errors screen
  6. Users may choose the ‘Delete imported buildings’ option if they want to delete and re-import prior to opening a building in the Audit Template

Validation Error Reporting

A list of incomplete fields and their associated input sections may be displayed after importing inputs from a spreadsheet. This list contains the same fields that may be present when selecting the 'Validation Errors' link at the top of the screen when editing a building in the Audit Template. Values for these fields must be added before a building may be considered complete and submitted to a jurisdiction.


Unsupported Field Mapping

The following attributes are not yet fully mapped.  Inputs for these fields will need to be manually entered into the Audit Template after importing.  All inputs should be reviewed for accuracy before submitting a report to a city.

  • Available Energy Supply Sources
  • Energy Use by End Use
  • HVAC Systems (N/A Checkbox Fields)
  • Elevators & Operations