Enter values for total and conditioned floor area, number of floors and building shape.  Select ‘N/A’ or enter ‘0’ as the value in fields that do not apply.

Audit Template inputs for Building Characteristics:

Gross Floor Area – The value present here was auto-populated after entering the Gross Floor Area when creating a new audit report file. Edits made to this field will be reflected in the same field on the Building Information page.

Spaces Excluded from Gross Floor Area – Add notes here describing spaces that are not included in the calculation of the building's gross floor area. This may include parking garages and surface parking which are not required for audit reporting.

Conditioned Floor Area – Enter values for the heated and/or cooled floor areas in the building.  The value for the total conditioned floor area is automatically calculated and displayed.

Number of Conditioned Floors – Enter values for the number(s) of heated and/or cooled floors which are fully above or below ground. The value for the total number of conditioned floors is automatically calculated and displayed after saving the form.

Note: Per ASHRAE Standard 90.1, a floor (above grade or below grade) with any conditioned area should be counted as a conditioned floor. However, floors devoted solely to parking (above grade or below grade) would not be included. For example, an unconditioned below- or above-grade parking garage where only the elevator, lobbies, or stairwells are conditioned at each floor would not be considered a conditioned floor. For additional guidance, see the ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2016 Performance Rating Method Reference Manual.

General Building Shape – Select a general shape that best represents the building block footprint as defined in the BuildingSync Geometry Reference Sheet. Pull-down menu selections include:  Rectangular, L shape, U shape, T shape, O shape. 

Building automation system – Select ‘Yes’ if the building has a building automation system, else select ‘No’.

Historic Building -- Select ‘Yes’ if the building is designated as a historic building, else select ‘No’.

Note:  As defined by ASHRAE Draft Guideline 34P, a historic building is 'historic building: a building that is listed in or eligible for listing in a governmentally recognized registry of historic buildings or places. At the international level, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization (UNESCO) includes historic buildings in its designation of World Heritage Sites.

Atlanta Report - includes required entries for Atlanta Building ID and the Number of Buildings on a Lot.

DC BEPS Energy Audit Report (Washington DC) Auditors are required to include comments regarding comfort or health concerns observed during audit, including indoor environmental quality (IEQ) deficiencies, in the "Comfort or health concerns comments" field.