Enter values in this section to identify the lighting systems present in the building. Use the blue ‘Add a Fixture’ button to add entries for as many lighting systems as are present in the building, and the space functions that they serve, and complete other associated input fields as prompted in the tabular format of this section.

Audit inputs for Lighting:

Select Lighting fixture and Ballast Types from the drop down lists of typical lighting types. For San Francisco and Berkeley reports, if LED is selected as the lighting type, select an LED Application Type. Mounting type (recessed, surface pendant) is not an ASHRAE level 2 input, but may be entered if the information is available.

Identify the lighting control system types present for the selected fixture type by selecting yes or no from the available Controls selections.

Note: BAS refers to ‘Building Automation System.’

Identify the space function served for each of the selected lighting types by selecting from the drop down list in the Location field. The selections available in this list are populated from the use types that were previously identified in the Use Types section.  

Enter a quantity to associate with the Location (space function served). For ASHRAE level 2 inputs, this would be a percentage of the total area served by the fixture. Los Angeles Reports have the option of entering the percent area served or the total area served (in ft2) for a lighting type.


For NYC Energy Efficiency Reports, San Francisco, and Berkeley Reports, four quantity options may be selected from a Quantity Definition drop down list. Enter values in the associated data entry fields for Common and Tenant Areas for every Lighting Type. Enter ‘0’ if the fixture does not serve the Common or the Tenant area for a particular location.

Fixture Quantity options:

  • % Area Served: Value for Area Served as a percentage of the location area is required
  • Area Served: Value for Area Served in ftis required
  • Number of Fixtures: Values for the Number of Fixtures, Watts per Lamp, and Lamps per Fixture are required
  • LPD: Value between 0.01 and 8.0 W/ftis required for LPD

Note: if Number of Fixtures was selected as the Quantity Definition, the Watts per Lamp, and Lamps per Fixture values must be the same for both Common and Tenant entries.

After lighting system values have been entered, return to the Use Types section to select the Principal Lighting Type to reflect the fixture type with the highest percentage served for each use type.