Enter values in this section to identify details on generating equipment that may be present in the building, including Cogeneration/CHP, Renewables, and Backup Generation systems.


Select Yes for all listed Cogeneration/CHP and Renewable systems that may supply energy to the building.  

Select a System Type from the drop-down list in the Backup Generation section for systems that provide backup power to the building.  For example, select Standby generator as the System Type and Diesel as the Fuel type for a generator, or enter Fuel Cell as the System Type and Other as the Fuel type for a hydrogen fuel cell backup system.  Select Other for a system type that is not on the list.  For example, enter Battery as the Other System Type and Electricity as the Fuel type for a battery-powered generator.


Enter values for Peak Generating Capacity and all other inputs for each of the sections, if known.  Select N/A if values are unknown or are not applicable.

Process Loads

Enter Connected Load values (in kW), the Total Area, and other details on sources of additional power equipment sources that may draw a significant quantity of power that may be present in the building, if known and/or are applicable.

Note: for Commercial Kitchens, the Connected Load should include the total kW for the kitchen equipment such as range hoods.

Data Entry

Note: ‘No’ is automatically selected as the default value for all Yes/No fields listed on this page (and across the tool) when creating a new building.

Brisbane Reports

Brisbane Audit Reports include the following additional sections:

  • Energy Storage
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  • End-Use Electrification